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Open Door Therapist Counselling and Psychotherapy Ontario

Counselling &
Psychotherapy for
Individuals and Couples
across Ontario

Online & Telephone Sessions

No Waitlists

Daytime | Evening Weekends

Online Psychotherapy for
Individuals and Couples in Ontario

Welcome to Open Door Therapist

Open Door Therapist is a virtual counselling and psychotherapy clinic that offers services to children, youth, adults, seniors, couples, and families in Ontario, Canada. Offering day times, evenings, and weekend appointments, we do not have a waitlist and are available now to start your therapy journey. 


We support and help individuals, couples, and families overcome issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship challenges, self-esteem, and life transitions. We tailor unique therapy plans for each individual to maximize results and achieve personal therapy goals.

We are glad you made it here and are asking for help! We believe everyone can benefit from therapy. 

We all have stories that need to be told and deserve to be heard, pain that can be healed, and experiences in our lives that may have adversely affected us in some way. You are not alone and do not have to suffer in silence.


We are here to guide you through your story. We will not just look at the symptoms on the surface, but the whole picture to help you heal and live a mentally and emotionally healthier and happier life.

Open Door Therapist Counselling and Psychotherapy for Adults in Ontario

Everyone has something to work through and that is okay! Oftentimes we do not understand why we are experiencing symptoms of anxiety, fear, depression, or problems sleeping. Sometimes these symptoms surface for no obvious reason, while other times there is a clear event that triggers them. No matter what your story is, we are here to listen, help you heal and move forward with mental and emotional wellness.

Open Door Therapist Counselling and Psychotherapy for Adolescents and Teens in Ontario

Is your adolescent having problems coping with school, friendships, self-esteem or self-worth? Anxiety, trauma, depression, emotional, and physical changes that teens experience can be difficult and confusing. We are here to help your child feel heard and supported. We will empower them to cope with and heal from distressing or traumatic events that have them feeling confused, scared, and misunderstood.




Open Door Therapist Counselling and Psychotherapy for Children in Ontario

Children may show their feelings of fear, confusion, or anxiety through acting out, complaining about headaches or stomach aches, or avoiding certain situations or places. Guided by evidence-based frameworks, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, through playing, drawing, story-telling, and acting, we will help your child feel comfortable to explore and learn about their feelings, gain understanding about their behaviour, and help them self-regulate their emotions. 


Open Door Therapist Counselling and Psychotherapy for Couples and Relationships in Ontario

Relationships affect all aspects of our lives. When we feel that something is off or wrong in our relationship, it can feel like our whole world is off-balance. You may feel disconnected or misunderstood by your partner. Maybe you and your partner feel like you’ve become roommates. Whether the issues stem from communication break-downs, toxic arguments, or unhealthy habits that hurt one another, reaching out for support can improve the quality of your relationship and help you both move forward with ease.

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